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The Gifts from the Garden Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens
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The Gifts from the Garden Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens

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A Bouquet Which Contains More Than Special Happy Birthday Flowers 

Flowers are the perfect birthday gift! What could be a better way to make a girl or a boy smile and be happy? When choosing flowers to say happy birthday with, think about the characteristics of the recipient, their color preferences and tastes in the preferred style or design. For example, The Gifts from the Garden Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens is made of fresh fragrant blooms. Moreover, this incredibly beautiful bouquet includes bold pink roses, gerbera daisies, pink mini carnations, pink snapdragons and lush greens. Not only that, but also the flowers are placed in an aqua blue glass vase with vintage vibes which creates an even more sophisticated look. 


Giving a birthday bouquet has become a tradition that is followed by millions of people around the world. Flowers have always been a way to express different emotions. Thanks to them, we are able to say how we feel without using words. Usually the flower is only an accompaniment to the main gift. However, it is important to have it because it makes the surprise more complete and gives it a finished look.

The Gift From the Garden Bouquet Has Many Advantages 

If you are looking for a birthday flower arrangement for someone who has a special part in your heart, then you are at the right place. Indeed, there is no need to look any further, just pick one from our diverse collection! In fact, if you want something more special for your best friend, family member or a partner, you can check The Gift From the Garden Bouquet which we kindly introduced you in the previous lines. Without any doubt, getting this bouquet will guarantee your recipient to have an unforgettable surprise. Even if it is hard to believe, it actually looks better in real life. 


Furthermore, you may have already noticed that this gorgeous floral gift is designed by Better Homes and Gardens. So, what can be better than betting on the professionals’ choice?

Also, did you see the price? For a symbolic sum of money, you are about to receive a designer arranged flower bouquet which has all qualities to bring joy and delight into your loved one’s day! Not to forget to mention that if you need the birthday flowers after a couple of hours, you can use the same-day delivery. Even if you have forgotten to get them in advance, don’t panic and purchase from us! Definitely, TodayFlowerDelivery will make sure that your flowers will be delivered on time!

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