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Hearts & Kisses Bouquet
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Hearts & Kisses Bouquet

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Of course, it is okay to rely on the fact that flowers will help you convey your emotions and feelings to the addressee, therefore, when assembling a bouquet, the language of flowers takes on a special meaning. Keeping in mind the secret meaning of each flower, you can compose not just a beautiful and colorful flower bouquet, but a real message veiled in a secret symbolism known only to you and your loved one. And even if you don’t know the language of flowers that well, we can help you pick the prettiest romantic flowers for your partner! Get the Hearts & Kisses Bouquet for her or him and make their whole day better. 

All you have to know about this bouquet is that our florists have made the perfect combination of flowers that represent pure feelings of devotion and affection! You can find hand picked roses, spider mums, lilies, carnations, pittosporum and salal are artfully arranged, each perfectly complementing the other. Moreover, this orange flower arrangement sits in a vibrant, textured orange ceramic vase and is perfect for any occasion. Whether you want to both impress its recipient, or surprise them with flowers just because, then this is the correct choice for you! 

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