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The Purple Pop Bouquet
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The Purple Pop Bouquet

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Currently, the purple can symbolize magic, spirituality, creativity, dignity or even royalties. Furthermore, its variations also differentiate its connotations in the language of flowers: the lightest purple is associated with romance and light, while the darkest are associated with intellectuality and dignity. In this line of thinking, it should be said that a bouquet of purple flowers can be given to a very special person. Not only that, but The Purple Pop Bouquet fits perfectly the theme of anniversary flowers or, to be more specific, romantic flowers in general. 

Along with that, this stunning floral arrangement creates a magical atmosphere due to the lavender roses, carnations and traditional daisies offset by fuchsia mini carnations, green button poms and white Peruvian lilies in it. The lovely combination of all these blooms will help you convey your message towards the recipient. As well as that, the bouquet comes in a violet purple glass vase which completes the whole elegant, yet mysterious design. However, if you think the floral gift is not on its own, we recommend adding chocolate, balloons and a teddy bear. Definitely, your recipient would appreciate the extra effort put into their present!

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