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What is the Flower For June Birthdays ?

Don’t search any further! If you want to surprise someone who is born in the 6th month of the year, then you should get them dazzling roses. Actually, the rose is the universally recognized queen of flowers (for the first time the poetess Sappho called her that - 600 BC). Since its discovery, it has been a symbol of elegance, beauty, tenderness and love. A flower with such a huge impact that even young children know that it means to give someone a rose. Isn’t it amazing? 


You might wonder why it is also associated with June and with the people who are born in this month. Well, mainly it is due to the fact that roses are seasonal flowers for this time of the year. That way the one who will receive the bouquet will get fresh blooms that will last longer. However, there is another reason why women and men have the rose as their birth flower. It is already broadly known that flowers transmit particular messages and charms from one person to another. But the point here is that a single flower can portray someone’s personality and usually those flowers bring happiness and luck to the person they resemble.


 But yet the flower has another meaning - it is a sign of silence and secrecy. Definitely, a magnificent rose bouquet would be the perfect gift for someone you can trust and have always been there for you!

Roses are Our Best Selling June Birthday Flowers

The rose is one of the most regal flowers in plant diversity. It symbolizes deep love, concentration, intellect, balance, but also passion. It is no coincidence that roses are given as gifts on the occasion of holidays related to showing love and affection. Such an event is the birthday of friends and family members. But if you want to be even more precise with the message that will be presented by the flowers, you should pay attention to the exact color they are. In addition of this, Today Flower Delivery made a short list of the most popular colors of roses and what they represent:


  • Red roses - they are perfect for someone you have a strong bond with.
  • Orange rose - gallantry and adoration 
  • Pink rose - a bouquet of pink roses is a great choice for a friend or your sister, because they symbolize love with no romantic feelings.
  • White rose - usually white roses are delivered to mothers, teachers and grandparents birthdays, because they show deep appreciation, love and respect.
  • Purple rose - the purple rose has a special meaning: “You are my best friend”! Even though it might sound cliche, surprising your best buddy with purple blooms will tell them how much you treasure them!


The rose is a sign of devotion and admiration towards someone. But the color also is of major importance. With no doubt, people should be more careful while choosing a floral present for someone they hold close to their heart!

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