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The Abundant Rose Bouquet
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The Abundant Rose Bouquet

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When it comes to expressing love, the color red in the language of flowers also symbolizes burning passion. In general - the rose bouquet is for those who you “burn” for. The fiery red color of The Abundant Rose Bouquet connects the hearts of lovers, and the color symbolizes desire you have for him or her. WIthout any doubt, this product is the perfect choice for the times when you are looking for romantic flowers or for a Valentine's day bouquet. Also, the flowers are presented in a clear glass cylinder vase lined with aspidistra leaves to create even further appeal to your partner.

Blooming with a classic allure that has spoken to many people throughout the ages, this arrangement offers a modern twist on the familiar red rose bouquet . So if you want to give your recipient a gift meant to create a moment of surprise and delight, then this is the right choice for you. The gorgeous red roses in this product form a splash of color and the accents of lily grass blades around the outside and the alluring textures of plumosa definitely draw the eye in. And even if you have run out of ideas, this stunning rose bouquet is set to create an exceptional birthday, anniversary, or “thinking of you” gift. 

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