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The All Is Bright Bouquet
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The All Is Bright Bouquet

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To the human eye, the color orange is associated with the tropics, with joy and the sun. It creates an unadulterated feeling of warmth. It is characterized by attraction, success, encouragement, stimulation, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity and determination. In the language of flowers, unlike red flower bouquets, no matter how saturated orange is, it cannot become aggressive. Moreover, when you have such a lovely arrangement such as The All Is Bright Bouquet, the emotions you are delivering will be only positive.

Without any doubt, these bright blooms will send your true feelings straight to your recipient's door. The arrangement is made of fuchsia, hot pink, and orange carnations flaunt. Also, the red and orange Peruvian lilies, hot pink mini carnations, yellow solidago, and lush greens complete the whole look of this product making it the perfect happy birthday orange flower bouquet. Not only that, but with such bright colors, you can tell someone how much you miss them. 

Furthermore, The All Is Bright Bouquet is an amazing way to decorate your home during the fall period or even to send as a Thanksgiving gift! Hand-tied and delivered by a local artist.

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