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Dashing Through the Snow Bouquet
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Dashing Through the Snow Bouquet

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Christmas Sleigh Flower Arrangement - Definitely An Excellent Choice 
Having an interest in Dashing Through the Snow Bouquet means that you are tired of all those flower arrangements in clear glass or colored vases with ribbons. We absolutely agree with you! If you like the extraordinary things and are looking for a way to stand out from the rest, this Christmas bouquet is just for you! Apart from being affordable, it is also arranged by a local florist, who will deliver it to your loved ones with the utmost care for the detail, to make your dear recipients’ day unforgettable and your gesture dizzying!
Once it grabs your attention, we don't think we have to give you a number of reasons to choose this particular product. We are absolutely sure that you have already found them yourself! However, if you decide to order Dashing Through the Snow Bouquet today, you will get a dazzling combination of:

  • Hot red roses;
  • White alstroemeria stems;
  • Red carnations;
  • Christmas greens;
  • Hand-painted wooden sleigh;
  • Christmas hat;
  • Mitten pics.

4 Reasons to Choose Red Christmas Flowers 
  1. The color red is one of the symbols of Christmas because it is associated with the sacrifice of Christ and the blood he shed. In addition, the red color does not come all alone. It is often associated with a shade of green. This red-green combination originates from the crown of thorns of the God’s Son and that is why we are used to looking for the presence of this tandem not only in the Christmas flower arrangements, but also in everything we touch in the last days of December;

  2. Red flowers make Christmas decorations more colorful and bring joy and upliftment. Furthermore, red is one of the brightest colors in the palette and for this reason it is the symbol of the most important Christian holiday, namely - the birth of Jesus;

  3. Associated with Christianity, the color red has a direct connection with both religious and secular culture. When it comes to nowadays meaning, red flowers most often speak of warmth, love and deep feelings and are usually used as gifts for feast days and special celebrations;

  4. You can use red Christmas flowers as the main and only element in your holiday decoration, or choose a combination of red and gold, red and white or red and green. In the first option, the decoration looks more solemn, in the second - red stands out, while the third combination is a classic for the holiday, as previously mentioned;

Combine With Christmas White Flowers For Absolutely Sophisticated Look
Decoration in white and red is both elegant and simple. It is an interesting fact that these two colors are most often associated with Santa's clothing. Although many believe that this image was created mostly by Coca Cola’s company, in most countries around the globe, the old-bearded man is depicted in a red and white suit, with a long white beard and a red sack full of gifts. Using the red wooden sleigh pulled by numerous deers as the main vehicle, Santa permanently imposes the tendency to believe that the combination between red and white is a classic for the holiday.
However, there is no difference when it comes to flowers. Some red and white fragrant blooms will bring a pleasant festive atmosphere in your home. If white color already presents in your furniture and accessories, then this combination is perfect for you! 

Now you probably can answer yourselves why most of the Christmas decorations are offered in this color range.

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