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Harvest Comfort Cornucopia
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Harvest Comfort Cornucopia

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Happy Thanksgiving Cornucopia Basket
Experience in recent years has shown us that the great interest in the extraordinary is not accidental. A large percentage of people are looking for sentimental, heart-touching gifts to send to their beloved ones. This is the reason why The Harvest Comfort Cornucopia is so wanted present during the autumn season - with its natural and at the same time unique look, it is really hard to be forgotten. 

In addition, The Harvest Comfort Cornucopia hides much more symbolism than you think. Filled with magnetism, it spreads autumn shades with the wonderful combination of:

  • Orange roses;
  • Asiatic lilies;
  • Fall pompons;
  • Glycerized oak leaves;
  • natural woven cornucopia basket.

Flower Arrangements For Thanksgiving Table
Although turkey is undoubtedly the most important element of the Thanksgiving table, do not underestimate the decoration, too. It is essential to create an exalted mood and also a guarantee for countless smiles on every holiday. TodayFlowerDelivery offers a rich assortment of designer Thanksgiving centerpieces and floral bouquets in autumn flowers. Bet on wonderful combinations of warm colors such as orange, burgundy and brown to bring the festive spirit indoors.

Remember that not only your table deserves proper decoration. Think about your loved ones sending them, for instance, a Thanksgiving cornucopia basket to express your deepest feelings and wonderful wishes!
Cornucopia Basket - Meaning and Symbolism
The horn of plenty, full of earthly fruits, is an integral part of depicting the gods of fertility and wine production, both in ancient Greece and Rome.

According to the Greek myth, Amalthea, the divine goat, nursed the baby Zeus. Once, while playing with her, the future god inadvertently broke off her horn. He filled it with fruits and called it the ‘horn of plenty’ or ‘cornucopia’. When Zeus began to rule Olympus, he turned the goat into a star in the sky, and from the horns, according to legend, began to pour fruit, flowers and grain.

It is believed that the cornucopia brings luck and grace to its recipient, crowning all their  endeavors with success. Furthermore, the ‘horn of plenty’ is most often used as a symbol of:

  • Autumn;
  • Consent;
  • Abundance;
  • Hospitality.

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