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Harvest Traditions Pumpkin
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Harvest Traditions Pumpkin

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Decorate Your Home For The Spookiest Day With Halloween Flower Centerpieces

October is all around the corner, so you have to think about decorating your home and yard for Halloween. Perhaps, we could help you do that successfully. As many already know, this event is famous for more spooky and dark concepts for ornaments. And, like any other celebration, this one will need flowery detail - a splendid Halloween flower centerpiece, for instance. Full of the charm of this occasion, TodayFlowerDelivery recommend getting Harvest Traditions Pumpkin from our collection. Moreover, this floral arrangement is particularly designed by a professional florist for this extra ghostly period. Also, this product is one of the best selling for the season because the beautiful meaning behind each stalk in it:


  • Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire;
  • Sunflower comes as an expression of warmth (but for this day, it has a special meaning of  “light in the dark” );
  • Peach hypericum berries - those little blooms are the perfect final touch for this centerpiece.


All of the flowers are delicately arranged in a ceramic pumpkin vase. Don’t wait any longer and purchase your stunning decoration for this year. Be different from your neighbours! 


Why Should You Choose The Halloween Pumpkin Flower Arrangement ?

With no doubt, you can find many different designs of Halloween flower arrangements, but we suggest getting one with a pumpkin accent. Simply, due to the symbolism of the pumpkins for this month - safety and affection. It is a story that everyone knows from being a little kid till nowadays. And this legend is known in many countries around the globe. 


It all started back in Irish when a man named Jack succeeded in frauding the devil so that he wouldn't go to hell. But due to his interactions with the dark side and alcohol habits, he was also forbidden from Heaven. Long story short, when Jack died, he had no place to go. As a result, he had to wander around and he used carved pumpkin as a lamp to see during the nights. 


From then on, people used carved pumpkin for the 31st of October, so when all evil creatures come to our world, they would think that this is Jack and they can’t take it with them to hell. Sending a floral arrangement with a pumpkin means “I hope you will be safe and I wish you the best!”.


To Whom Can I Send a Halloween Pumpkin With Flowers ?

Sending a flower arrangement could be quite an exciting experience. When it comes to Halloween, it might be odd for some people to send flowers. But we can assure you that it is not strange. Actually, surprising someone who lives away from you, will bring a bright smile on their face. In recent years, there has been a tendency for more and more people to send holiday-themed bouquets of flowers. Arranged and decorated in interesting shapes, they are actually the most common gifts for our loved ones who are far away from us.


“But, eventually, who would enjoy receiving a Halloween bouquet?” 

The correct answer is EVERYONE. From your favorite aunt who lives in another state, to the lovely neighbour across the street. And we won’t stop here, you can send your order to any location you’d like. Think who will be pleased from such a sudden delivery. Perhaps someone who you don’t meet often, or someone who you have recently thought of. Indeed, whoever your special recipient is, you can tell them “Happy Halloween” with The Harvest Tradition Pumpkin! So don’t worry about anything, because we guarantee you that this little gesture will make a vital impression on them.

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