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36 Red Roses
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36 Red Roses

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It is hardly a big surprise to anyone that the red rose symbolizes true love and admiration. It conveys a message of deep, romantic feelings and is a perfect gift for your wife or long-term partner. However, if you are in a new relationship and you want to show that you are serious, then a bouquet of roses would be suitable - but try with a smaller one. After all, the 36 Red Roses Bouquet suits a bigger occasion such as the 10th anniversary or the birthday of someone very important to you! Also, arranged with seeded eucalyptus in a classic glass vase, this bouquet is a gift to her heart that comes directly from yours so be careful to whom you are giving it.

Roses, as before and today, symbolize love. But whether it is friendship or romantic love depends on the color of the rose. So, when it comes to a big bouquet of red roses, then we talk about the classic way to say "I love you." In fact, many people make this popular choice of romantic gesture when it comes to Valentine's Day flowers. Along with that, we highly recommend you to add chocolate, balloons and a teddy bear next to the flowers! That way, the recipient will know that you have put extra effort in their gift!

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