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Time to Celebrate Rainbow Rose Bouquet
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Time to Celebrate Rainbow Rose Bouquet

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Roses are among the flowers suitable for almost any occasion. The rose is the perfect flower with which one can express the feelings that fill one's heart. When you give or are given a bouquet of roses, it is loaded with a certain message, which lies in how many and what color roses are in it. Each color expresses different feelings. And when you have a colorful bouquet like this one, it will be good to know the meaning of each color.

  • Yellow color - Improves mood, brings joy and warmth. Improves concentration. It is not by chance that it is the personification of the sun.
  • The color blue - has a calming effect. It is the color of peace and faithfulness.
  • The color green is associated with nature. It symbolizes flourishing, the beginning of a new life, hope.
  • Pink color - personifies tenderness, romance, sensitivity and kindness. Causes a feeling of comfort.

Picked fresh from the farm to bring your recipient an arrangement like none other. The Time to Celebrate Rainbow Rose Bouquet is a unique gift that your recipient will always remember. Hand gathered, the blooms in this bouquet varie in vibrant hues of either yellow, blue, green, purple or pink to create a flower arrangement picked fresh for you to get the party started. In fact, this bouquet makes it the perfect gift to send in honor of the next birthday or congratulations celebration. And not to forget to mention that this bouquet includes multi-colored & pink roses in a purple vase and makes it a great I miss you bouquet!
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