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Why Do We Usually Send Roses For Valentine’s Day ?

Do you know why the rose is a symbol of love? Many people know or at least have heard the story of the appearance of Valentine's Day. Everyone also knows that the most preferred flower on this day is the red rose, but not much is said about its appearance. Only some Indian myths mention that the most beautiful woman in the world, Lakshmi, was born from the pink color. She later became the wife of Vishnu, the guardian of the planet, and thus became a goddess of beauty, and the pink bud became a symbol of a magical secret. Thus, the rose becomes a symbol of love for the woman to whom we give it. But in addition to its common meaning, its different colors carry different messages. 


The red rose, for example, is said to be served only when we want to tell someone that we love it. But it matters whether it is a blossoming flower or a flower that has not yet dissolved, because the bud of the red rose, in addition to strong feelings, says that this love must remain a secret.


The next most famous rose is white, it symbolizes purity and fidelity and is a sign of great trust. Another preferred color of the rose is pink which, like the red one, is a symbol of happiness, pleasure and true feelings. The yellow rose is thought to speak of friendly feelings rather than love relationships. There is symbolism in the number of donated flowers, and whether they will be color combined or not. But whatever color you choose and whatever their number is, be sure that your partner will be pleasantly surprised by this kind gesture for Valentine's Day, because roses are always a good solution.

What Types Valentine’s Day Roses Do You Offer ?

In the most literal sense - all kinds. At TodayFlowerDelivery you can find the classic dozen roses in different colors - white, red, blue, and also mixed. Pink and yellow roses are often ordered as gifts for various occasions, although in recent years there has been a tendency for customers to purchase pink roses no less than the red ones on Valentine's Day.


In addition, however, we offer an 18 roses bouquet. What is more, for the more generous of you, who think that 12 is an insignificant number for their beloved woman and prefer to give her twice as much, namely two dozen roses, we are again at your disposal with a suitable arrangement at a reasonable price, which can be delivered the same day. In case the number 36 is symbolic for you or you just want to give a richer bouquet to the woman you love, 3 dozen roses will do a great job. Remember that a box of candy added to them is always welcome!


However, in addition to arrangements made entirely of roses, TodayFlowerDelivery is looking for a way to take care of the wishes of those of you who prefer to bet on a flower bouquet that contains both roses and other flowers. Here we also have a rich arsenal to choose from. There are both classic and not so standard combinations, as among the most traditional stand out the mixing of roses with lilies, carnations or tulips. However, the variety we offer also includes arrangements of roses and alstroemeria, gerberas or chrysanthemums, for example. However, when choosing a flower arrangement for Valentine's Day, it is important to keep in mind the symbolism that each flower carries in order to send the most accurate wish to your special recipient.

3 Reasons To Purchase Happy Valentine’s Day Roses 

If we have to reduce to three reasons why we buy roses for Valentine's Day, they would look like this:

  1. First of all, roses are a great gift, even when you are on a tight budget. Sometimes it happens that you do not have the means to buy a necklace or stylish earrings in addition to the blooms. In these moments, a bouquet of a dozen roses from the heart would be a wonderful gift. Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to order a trio gift. At a reasonable price you can get a dozen red roses in a vase, which come with a stuffed bear and Godiva chocolates. In this form, your gift looks far more complete;
  2. The second reason to buy roses for Valentine's Day is that if your relationship is in its beginning itself, this is a great occasion and a suitable way to express your feelings. If this is your case, then pink roses are suitable for you as they  symbolize adoration and affection. A bouquet of pink roses is always appropriate for young relationships, and by giving such a gift, you clearly state your desire for them to deepen;

The third and perhaps most important reason to give roses on this wonderful holiday is that it will make your loved one happy, smiling, winged. Once she has received recognition for your feelings, the woman who has captured your heart will know that her efforts and care for you are appreciated, and this will fill her with joy and happiness. Don’t forget that having someone you love in your life is the most precious thing!

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