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The daisy flower means happiness, a positive outlook on life, a sunny mood and joy. If you happen to know someone who pays attention to simple things in everyday life, then a daisy flower bouquet will put a smile on their face. Also, in case you are not that familiar with the flower, the daisy flower symbolizes harmony and health. Sometimes people send daisies in order to cheer somebody up after a hard time. Surprise yourself or a friend just because flower arrangement with daisies in it and light up your mood!

The Daisy Bouquet - The Oldest Gesture of Love

Flowers and their symbolic connections to human feelings are deeply rooted in our culture, mythology and language. Daisies have many different meanings. In the Victorian era, they meant innocence, purity, loyal love and were considered keepers of secrets. Nowadays, daisies can mean cheerfulness and luck. There is a very popular game with their petals - "He loves me, he doesn't love me." Apart from lovers, however, pregnant women also use the game with their petals as an oracle for the baby's gender - boy or a girl. 

Furthermore, the French keep another legend related to this beautiful flower. It says that Princess Margarita, wife of Emmanuel Philip of Savoy and daughter of Francis I, received from her husband, as a token of his love, a basket of daisies. Yet, the flowers themselves were not collected from the royal garden, but made of gold and precious stones.

In knightly times, those knights to whom loved ones swore eternal love carved a blossoming daisy on their shields to protect them and bring them good luck, reminding them that their fiancés were waiting for them. And the French King Louis IX, testified his love and respect for his wife Marguerite de Provence, sealing the daisy, next to the lilies of the National Flag.

Although we are residents of the modern age, in which such games and beliefs are considered childish by ones, there are others who take the symbolism into account in their gestures and behavior. It is for them that we have created a whole collection of bouquets of daisies, among which you can choose the most suitable one that will melt the heart of your loved one.

TodayFlowerDelivery Offers Flower Arrangements With Daisies At Reasonable Prices

It is no secret that the daisies are affordable flowers offered at reasonable prices. Unlike their distant relatives - roses, peonies or calla lilies, for example, daisies are significantly cheaper. This, in turn, makes flower arrangements with daisies much more affordable. Being cheaper, bouquets containing daisies are becoming an everyday part of our lives. In recent years, more and more people have started ordering such bouquets even for no reason, just to tell a loved one that they are thinking of them or to remind someone of themselves. Thus, the simple, neat and radiant daisy has established itself as one of the most ordered everyday flowers.

Without carrying a special message, but uplifting the mood in someone's day, the daisy comes in dozens of different colors. For example, if you want to congratulate your close one, you can safely bet on a combination of gorgeous sunflowers and white daisies purchasing The Sunlit Meadows Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens. Furthermore, 
if you had an argument with your wife last night and are looking for a way to apologize and bring a smile back to her face, then you should definitely choose The Cherry Sweet Bouquet - a magnificent and catching-eye mixture of rich red roses, red carnations and white daisies in a glass red vase.

What is more, symbolizing purity and innocence, it is sometimes customary for daisies to participate in funeral flower arrangements as well. The Pastel Peace Basket, for instance, is a part of both our Funeral Flower Baskets Collection and Purple Funeral Flowers Collection. This excellent arrangement includes lavender daisies whose main purpose is to console the mourning ones. However, many customers fall in love at first sight with The Pastel Peace Basket and purchase it as a birthday, get well or welcome home gift

From Where Can I Buy Daisies Near Me ?

After all, if you've read everything so far, you've probably already decided to buy a bouquet of daisies to please your loved one - your daughter, for example.

Unfortunately, very often we are running out of time and it is totally impossible to take an hour to go to the nearest flower shop. In addition, in our hectic daily lives we usually have difficulty moving from one location to another, whether it is to stay after work in the office, you are in a traffic jam or you have your car repaired. In case you are in a seemingly hopeless situation, TodayFlowerDelivery is here to help.

For decades, it has been a tradition for the modern American to save time and order flowers online. So just pick up your phone, browse our collection of bouquets of daisies and order the most suitable for you. 

Whether you are in a big city, suburb or you are on a vacation for the weekend, we are always one step away from you in order to deliver the freshest daisies. Working with a wide network of local florists across the country, we make deliveries throughout the states to the address you specify. Whether it is an office building, a hospital, a church, a kindergarten or a residential address, there are no impossible things for us. And that's not all - you can even take advantage of our same day delivery option. All daisy bouquets in this collection are offered for a same day delivery. This way, in a few hours the wonderful arrangement of daisies will knock on the door of your favorite recipient.
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