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What is Easter without flowers? Send your warm wishes to your loved ones all over the country and say happy Easter with flowers from TodayFlowerDelivery. Our variety of beautiful spring flower arrangements guarantees you that with us you will find the most appropriate gift for any special person. And what is even better, you will have your gorgeously arranged flowers delivered nationwide by a local artist. 

What is The Symbolism Behind Easter Flowers?

It is now the last week of Lent and many people are already preparing to celebrate probably the brightest and greatest holiday in Christendom - Easter. There are many rituals that are kept till nowadays - the painted eggs, festive decoration and having a special meal. Definitely, anyone has been in touch with those activities around Easter. However, while decorating the home and the table for the holiday, do not forget about the flowers!

In Easter floral arrangements, flowers are chosen in bright colors, with preference given to classic varieties. Also, in terms of color, the compositions must be in accordance with the Easter traditions, taking into account above all the symbolism of the colors: white, yellow, gold are the colors of spirituality, light, purity; green is the color of hope; blue is the hue of heaven and faith; red - of life and rebirth. Indeed, it is of vital importance to pick wisely the flowers that will decorate and bring different emotions into your house. But don’t worry, because we will help you to find the perfect Easter flower bouquet online!

The most popular flowers for Easter are hyacinths, tulips and daffodils, which symbolize the resurrection of nature after the end of the cold winter, as well as roses and carnations, which are traditionally considered "flowers of Christ." In this line of thinking, TodayFlowerDelivery has specifically prepared a category that contains only this type of bouquets and arrangements. They are used to decorate tables, Easter wreaths and icons. Moreover, exotic flowers are rarely used for those floral arrangements, because although they are extremely beautiful, they do not correspond to the spirit of the holiday.

We Provide Easter Flower Delivery Nationwide 

Flowers are a mandatory part of every holiday and Easter is no exception. On this day the light and the holy resurrection are celebrated, that is why the colorful flower compositions find a place in the home of every Christian. Since this holiday is always in the spring, when nature wakes up, flowers are a must. There are a few basic rules when choosing decoration for this day. In people's beliefs, each bloom is associated with certain symbols, so you need to keep this in mind when focusing on a particular composition. Do not bet on very colorful combinations, it is good to choose an arrangement with enough greenery. Be sure to consider the symbolism of the day: white brings a belief in light, green is the color of hope, and yellow is associated with spirituality. The blue color refers to the heavenly heights, and the red is a symbol of being, of life itself. Most often on Easter, and on all other Christian holidays, white and red flower arrangements are served. Usually the combination is between carnations and roses or lilies and tulips in combination with lots of greenery. 

Perhaps, you already have someone in mind who is going to receive the beautiful spring flowers? Do you have worries that they live far away and you won’t be able to surprise them on time? If you choose our service, we guarantee you that there won’t be any place for getting anxious about this. In other words, TodayFlowerDelivery will deliver your order to any state in the United States of America. Moreover, all of this is possible due to our collaboration with many local florists from each city within the country. In conclusion, you can count on us for sending fresh flowers online with nationwide delivery. 

Say Happy Easter With Flowers From TodayFlowerDelivery 

The decoration for the Easter table is something that is no less important than the dishes on the table. Easter is the most significant Christian holiday during the spring. That is why it is appropriate to put fresh spring flowers on the table! With all the things that were said in the previous paragraph, maybe we have caught your interest in buying gorgeous bouquets and plants from us. However, there is still important information about our website and services that are in your benefit!

Firstly, let’s start with the importance of sending flowers to a friend, colleague or relative on Easter. When it comes to such a big holiday, it is better to send your warm wishes to the people you care the most. Not only that, but also you can surprise someone just because - out of kindness and pure intentions. And you should purchase the festive flowers from us, because we will provide you with fresh blooms and good looking arrangements. Furthermore, your wallet won’t get empty. If you look up our Easter collection, you will find many beautiful arrangements at reasonable prices. And it should be noted that the low priced products do not equal low quality! With no doubt, the recipient will get dazzling pretty flowers that are elegantly put together in a stunning bouquet. Even after those things, there are a few more! Our clients can send the product they have chosen to any address - it can be to a restaurant, hospital, office or a nursing home. And last but not least, to make the surprise even better, we suggest adding delicious chocolate to the flowers. Indeed it is a “sweet” way to express warm feelings!

What Flower Arrangements For Easter Should We Buy?

Flowers are a great choice for spring decoration, but they can also be used for Easter decoration. All you have to do is choose your favorite flowers and colors. The options for arranging are innumerable, as well as their application. You can make a decoration for a table, a wall, a door. Just slightly before deciding where exactly to put the floral decoration, we should introduce you to the exact flowers and the color they go for this holiday. Indeed, it is will be better to know their meaning before buying them:

  • Yellow narcissus - In Germany, during the Easter holidays, shop windows are most often decorated with daffodils. There, even the flower received the popular name "Easter Bell", which corresponds to the greetings of the church bell during the holy days. Usually Germans rely on compositions of yellow daffodils as a gift from friends and acquaintances.
  • Purple flowers (roses and irises) - For many years the purple color is a symbol of greatness and royalty. However, when it comes to the symbolism of purple flowers and the color itself on Easter -  it expresses humility. Some great examples are The Cottage View Bouquet and The Lavender Rose Bouquet.
  • Colorful and mixed arrangements - What would Easter be without traditional spring flowers, such as tulips, hyacinths and daisies? You can serve them with occasion and without occasion every spring day to relatives and acquaintances, but their strength is the Easter holidays. You can successfully combine them with various other crops and give them as a present or put them at home as a decoration. Here, our recommendations are Sunlit Treasures Bouquet and Rush of Color Assorted Tulip Bouquet. Undoubtedly, both of them will be amazing gifts!

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